About our school

We are a Melbourne based Driving School situated in the Northern Suburbs. With over 12 years experience in the Driver Training Industry and as a Driving Instructor, it has earned the reputation of providing a reliable and trustworthy driver education service with friendly and patient driving instructors. our aim is to make every driver into a Competent, Confident and Safe Driver.

Being on the road in a car is a huge responsibility. We ask that you never take that responsibility lightly and invest in driving lessons to improve or develop your driving skills. Many learners are nervous for their first driving lesson, however in Be My trainer Drive School We aim to make your first experiences on the road enjoyable and safe.

Practice class from Be My Trainer Drive School

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With over 12 years of experience in the Driver Training Industry, Be My Trainer Drive School Provides :-

  • Coaching beginner Learner drivers age 16 and above,
  • Nervous and anxious drivers,
  • Adult Learner Drivers,

Refresher Lessons for drivers who have obtained their licence but are still nervous and lacking confidence, and International students and Overseas Licence changeover.